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[GMTO Interest Check] Enzo Bonafe Off White/Sand Jodhpur (SLP-esque)

Hey goodyearwelt after looking through all the Mehra and some Skoak MTOs, i really liked some of the designs and i have been looking for a similar boot (pretty much like this). Why not get it from a great artisan?
Specs i’m looking at:
Style: 3930 Jodhpur
Leather: Off White Suede (something like hidro lino or hidro sand)
Construction: Blake 2-C with Japanese Bevelled waist
Last: 804
Sole: Natural Leather with 25mm Cuban Heel
Misc/Extras: Blue lining, gold/brass buckle. Vibram Topy?
I don’t mind discussing what suede upper colour as long as its close to a sandy/off white colour. The hidro lino is more white while the sand is more yellowy. Either one is fine.
I asked Mehra to ask Enzo about a suede that approximates this Viberg Boot. They said to use the milkshake superbuck (from mehra's site) but tbh it looks much darker than the Viberg. I would probably stick with Sand or Lino.
Sole i’d like to have a cuban heel and obviously blake to keep costs down and super sleek look. 804 for that sleek almond shape.
Things i’m willing to move on are the lining, buckle, upper as long as its sandy. If people really want a contrast strap i’m willing to discuss as I dont mind something truly unique.
I’ve gotten quotes from all 3 main EB MTO shops as below:
Mehra: 490 USD + shipping (if outside CAD/US)
Skoak: 460 EU520 USD inc. shipping (at current forex)
Solegarb: 550 USD + shipping
Its almost a wash between Mehra and Skoak in terms of pricing. Not fussed about either.
As for the lining i’m thinking something prominent like blue or burgundy like Dullscissors' one 2 years ago. The way the lining ‘peeks’ out looks really cool and its a nice subtle touch.
Anyway let me know what people think and whether there’s any interest.
Maybe a blue contrast strap and sole? With a blue lining.
u/photonray, u/movoblast if different last,
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